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05 Dec

All people are accessing the internet connection to meet up with their daily task. Internet helps the user in browsing things and collects the information from different places. People get information with the help of internet connection and keeping it safe is the main task for the user.

TPG internet service providers are one of the best in offering the network opportunity to the customers and allow them to continue their task. Anyone can access the TPG account with the name of the customer and a code. But sometime, the user encounters an issue in accessing the account as they don’t have enough information about the same. In this blog, customer will get the details about the username and password so that user will not encounter any issues which are related to same.

Username: Username is simply characters which can be used for log into the account. It should be 8-15 characters long with having some alpha-numeric words. It should be in lower case and has at least one letter.

Change a Username: A user cannot change the username for TPG account but they can create another account with the email ID and use their preferred Username in that account

Password: It is a character which is provided to secure the account. The password should contain 8-15 characters and having at least 2 letters and 2 numbers. Always keep in the mind that user should not share the code with anyone.

Change the Password: 

  • User can easily change the password by simple steps such as
  • Go to the “Your Account” section in TPG
  • Click the option “Change Your Password” and follow the steps

With the help of this blog, now users are able to know that what are username/ password and how to change it. People can change the details according to their needs but always try to protect these details from the attack of the virus. If the customer wants to know anything about the same, they should try to contact with the team of TPG customer service number on 1-800-789-560. The team will provide the user with the possible solution for their case.

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